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Strategic Digital Transformation Architect Jobs In Dubai | Wipro

The SDTA is a client facing role, Drives end-to-end solution integration in multi tower deals or complex transformational single tower deals. The leader is expected to understand client business needs, lead solution teams from lines of business and partners to create a compelling, seamless value proposition and solution for a client, focusing on deals over $100M or deals deemed strategic by leadership.


  • Responsible for development of the overall solution and alignment to client objectives
  • Providing leadership on identifying areas where digital transformation can drive value and benefit to the client
  • Working closely with the Sales Executive and Financial Lead in the development of the value proposition, cost structure, pricing, and commercial strategy
  • Communication of solution and the value proposition to client across multiple levels of management from operations management to the C suite
  • Orchestrating and refining solution design and costing with GBLs and Finance
  • Providing expertise and leadership in problem solving and championing a methodological yet agile approach to solution development
  • Participate in development and execution of negotiation and close strategy


  • Ability to be hands in building or complex problem resolution with internal and external teams
  • Proven track record of cultivating client relationships
  • Ability to communicate technical solutions within a business context so that key decision makers can understand how technology is enabling business value
  • Exceptional analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills are a must, as well as the ability to work effectively and constantly deliver excellence

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