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Register for our Data Science Talent Pool Jobs In Dubai | Datasumi

At Datasumi, we continuously seek talented, innovative problem solvers to join our Data Science team, from Graduate to Senior level. Whether you are coming to the end of a relevant Master’s degree or have multiple years of experience in implementing data science and machine learning techniques in a professional setting – we’d love to hear from you.


  • Proficiency with R or python, or good knowledge of other scripting languages and interest in learning a new one
  • An interest in building, deploying and testing machine learning models on production systems
  • Someone keen to work with large data sets and solve complex problems
  • Passion for making the complicated easy to understand


  • Data scientists often use programming languages such as Python or R to manipulate and analyze data. Experience with these languages is, therefore, a must.
  • This role often requires the solving of complex problems using data, so the ability to think critically and creatively is important.
  • The successful candidate will need to effectively communicate their findings through visualizations and graphs.
  • Many data science roles involve the use of machine learning algorithms to analyze data and make predictions. Familiarity with these techniques is therefore important.
  • Data scientists need to be able to clearly communicate their findings and insights to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • While a degree can be helpful, many data science roles also require relevant work experience. This could include internships, research projects, or other practical experience working with data.

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