National Graduate Training Programme at Emirates Group Dubai

The Emirates Group

National Graduate Training Programme at Emirates Group Dubai

We are looking for graduates who will be given opportunities to develop within the Emirates Group in our Facilities Management Team.
Our graduate programme offers on-the-job trainings as well as role specific classroom courses that will support you in gaining the skills and behaviours to be successful in our organisation.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Gathering as much information on the company and participating in on-the-job training wherever possible.
  • Participating in meetings, workshops, and team-building events.
  • Taking notes on experiences and keeping a log of things learned.
  • Compiling reports and making presentations to other staff members.
  • Analyzing existing systems and offering new ideas for improvement.
  • Bringing positive energy into the company, and forming lasting professional relationships with staff.
  • Conducting research and assisting the Manager or Supervisor wherever possible.
  • Completing fieldwork or visiting different work sites when required.
  • Upholding the good name of the company at all times.
  • Writing a test or submitting to some other form of evaluation at the end of the graduate program.

Job Requirements:

  • Relevent Bachelor’s degree within Facilities/Engineering (Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • CGPA of 3.0 and above
  • Excellent conceptual, numerical, and analytical skills