Flight Dispatch Officer Jobs in Dubai | flydubai Careers


Flight Dispatch Officer Jobs in Dubai | flydubai Careers

To ensure the safe and legal dispatch of aircraft throughout its flight by providing the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) with an Operational Flight Plan (OFP) for each sector along with a complete weather briefing/NOTAM package for each trip. They are responsible for monitoring the in-flight progress of company operated flights.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Plans all company flights in a safe and legal manner with respect to Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) estimation, MEL/CDL, and operating environment considerations prior to OFP computation.
  • Generates complete crew briefing package for each city pair, including OFP and a complete weather and NOTAM briefing for the entire trip.
  • Maintains the necessary knowledge of flydubai procedures for the proper conduct of Operations Control and Flight Dispatch.
  • Monitors enroute weather/NOTAMs/ATC delays and communicates this in real time.
  • Implements Enroute flight, navigation, and communication procedures including the release or continuance of a flight if any onboard equipment becomes inoperative or unserviceable.

Job Requirements:

  • High School Diploma (or equivalent e.g. GCSE) in a minimum of 5 subjects, 2 of which should be maths and physics. At least 2 A Levels (or equivalent)
  • Preferred No. of Years (with Relevant Degree) – 2
  • Preferred No. of Years (without Relevant Degree) –  3