Fleet Manager Jobs In Sharjah | GMS Leadership

  • Full Time
  • Sharjah
  • 20000 USD / Year

GMS Leadership

Fleet Manager Jobs In Sharjah | GMS Leadership

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Monitors reports from the ships and Ship managers at least once every month to ensure that ships under his charge are effectively using all functions related to voyage abstracts, risk assessment etc and are in line with Technical Department’s KPI for overdue jobs.

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Reviews voyage abstracts for the ships under his charge once every month to verify that Main Engine RPM/Power output is maintained optimally, M/E is not running in torque rich condition, performance analysis of main and aux engines is carried out once during the month, one auxiliary engine can take at least 75% of the rated load, no abnormal consumption of lubes, water, refrigerants, water or chemicals is logged, that freshwater generator is producing around 80% of its capacity, other auxiliary machinery performing within normal parameters and economizer can cope with the steam demand.

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To approve spares, stores and services for ships under his charge or which are being looked after as a back up superintendent when the designated superintendent is traveling. Such approval will be done after duly establishing the need of the vessel and checking budget compliance. In general, the policy for spare is that dynamic components subjected to fatigue stresses like bearing shells, bearing bolts, valve spindles, pistons, liners, turbocharger rotors etc. are ordered only from makers or from licensed OEM makers. In case spurious spares are to be supplied then superintendent will inform Head of Technical and proceed only after Technical Director has given written confirmation.

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