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Finance Lawyer Jobs In Dubai | Pennell Hart

Our client’s primary need is to hire a lawyer experienced enough to lead on LMA standard corporate financing and project financings, which will include loan financing, re-financing and restructurings. There will be support provided by external counsel, but the position would have a substantial focus on drafting, supporting the finance teams on understanding transactions and transaction documents and managing external counsel.


  • Finance lawyers may begin a new case by meeting with a client to clearly understand the prevailing issues.
  • For example, a finance attorney may advise a client on how to set up a new business, including whether to structure it as a limited liability company, limited partnership or other type of business.
  • Additionally, the lawyer might assist the client in providing appropriate documentation, like bank accounts, credit card numbers and a tax identification number.
  • He or she may then advise the client on creating contracts for employees and securing lending from banking institutions.
  • Finance lawyers also may represent their clients at trial.
  • Lawyers present a client’s case in court by questioning experts, cross-examining witnesses, providing supporting evidence and making closing arguments.


  • After graduating from college and taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), prospective finance lawyers must matriculate to an ABA-accredited law school.
  • Students generally study law for three years, beginning their first year with required courses in contractual, constitutional and property law.
  • After their first year is complete, prospective financial lawyers can take specialized courses geared toward finance, such as securities regulation, business taxation and corporate finance.
  • Graduates are awarded a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and can begin practicing law after completing their state’s bar exam.

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