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Electrical Tradesman Jobs In Dubai | Shou’alah

Under general supervision, the Electrical Tradesman performs a variety of Electrical support tasks of the overall facility operation and in maintaining operation of the process plant and power generation plant in compliance with established production schedules and plant output requirements.


  • Works with and assists team members with a variety of Electrical support tasks
  • Support with use of hand and industrial tools (Spanners, screw drivers, Allen Keys etc.)
  • Use all the standard electrician and special tools, know its function and identify specific tools required for the job assigned.
  • Carry out cleaning and housekeeping of electrical panel room.
  • Perform electrical preventive maintenance task following the instructions directed by an electrical engineer or referring the check list attached along with work order


  • Must be physically able to perform manual labour
  • Familiar with HSE standards, procedures and requirements
  • Experience in performing physical tasks both in an indoor and outdoor area
  • At least two (2) years experience as electrical helpers industrial plants and projects
  • Atl east two (2) years experience with hand tools, electrical tools and power tools
  • Awareness on electrical safety hazards

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