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CIVIL 3D MODELER Jobs In Dubai | Duncan & Ross

​​​​​Creating surfaces, alignments, longitudinal sections, modelling piping networks and related drawings. Should be able to extract schedules, reports of cut and fill quantities.


  • Reviewing rough sketches, drawings, specifications and other engineering data received from civil engineers and prepares CAD drawings for plans
  • Prepares profiles and cross-sections indicating relation of topographical contours and elevations to buildings, retaining walls, tunnels, overhead power lines and other structures
  • Prepares detailed drawings of plans related to the design of roads, culvert, fresh water supply, sewage disposal systems, traffic engineering and various other engineering design items; measures and calculates quantities of bid items for use in estimating project costs
  • Responsible for organizing drawings that conform to CAD standards as required by client and/or company processes.
  • Meeting with engineers, draftsmen, and designers to review blueprints and design drawings
  • Inputting design specifications into the CAD software
  • Creating surface and solid CAD models according to client specifications
  • Working with a design team and individually on CAD projects
  • Reviewing CAD models with client and making minor adjustments
  • Conducting final product rendering and delivering the final product
  • Completing job reports


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in similar role
  • Proficiency in Civil 3D software to create high-quality, high-performing infrastructure designs with conceptual and detailed design tools.
  • Experienced in integrating and aggregating design data coming from industry standard formats from multiple disciplines and in integrating civil engineering models with point clouds, raster data and reality meshes.
  • Proficiency in performing design tasks such as surface analyses, drawing alignments, creating profiles / sections, creating design profiles, basic grading capabilities with 3D Polylines / Feature lines, Grading Groups, and Corridors, and perform volume calculations.
  • Proficiency in integrated analysis, generative design, and visualization and simulation tools.
  • Proficiency in representation of network & corridor plans, scheme plans, utility plans.
  • Experienced in producing standards-compliant documentation available in designs and models.
  • Effective communication skills and ability to understand and follow complex verbal and written instructions, and the ability to interact effectively to maintain a team environment.