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Cardiac Surgeon Jobs In Dubai | SearchPlus HR Consultancy

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We are looking for Cardiac Surgeon to perform surgical procedures on patients in the cardiac region.


  • The responsibilities of Cardiac Surgeons include determining diagnoses, treating diseases, and performing surgical procedures.
  • To be successful as a Cardiac Surgeon., you should have a passion for Cardiac surgery, excellent research skills, and the ability to manage stress well.
  • Ultimately, a top-class Cardiac Surgeon should think in a logical and methodical manner, demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, and be willing to work long and irregular hours.


  • Determining the method of surgical procedures.
  • Conducting medical management.
  • Specializing in diagnoses.
  • Reviewing patient history to determine treatment.
  • Charting in compliance with the law and regulations.
  • Identifying tests and the need for follow-up visits.

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